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Due to mass shortages of essential goods within Ukraine caused by the conflict, there are still millions of people in Ukraine that struggle to cover their basic needs and necessities. Luckily, there are organizations such as the Help Ukraine Center, whose stock of humanitarian aid has amounted to many thousands of tons of food, medicine, medical equipment, clothes, hygiene products, etc. We identified remotely that Help Ukraine Center did not have in place a central management system for their processes. After identifying the problem, we were invited to implement a solution for them that would allow them to track the rapidly incoming and outgoing shipments of humanitarian aid destined for dozens of regions of privation throughout Ukraine.

The main problem of such organisations in conditions of extreme work is the transparency of processes.

Volunteers must report on the transportation of money and goods. All of Help Ukraine Center’s processes used to work through softwares with a low data protection; it is inconvenient and not automated at a high level. All data is filled in manually. 

Our main purposes in this case:

Optimize and digitize all of Help Ukraine Center’s processes

Eliminate unnecessarily time consuming and manual tasks as well as errors that resulted from these aforementioned processes.

Set up a data system for clear and understandable statistics of what is in the warehouse, for easy and complete reporting to shareholders.


We developed a registration function to record all data tied to a incoming delivery of humanitarian aid including, but not limited to: country of origin, organisation that sent it, amount, weight etc.

We mark the incoming pallets with identifiers in the form of QR codes, and feed that data into, that way we know what’s in stock.

Once one of Help Ukraine Center’s partners requests a delivery, were able to track what pallet left to where and with whom.

All drivers are registered and tied to their delivery for loss prevention.

We developed an app to communicate with that’s exclusively used on site.

We raised data security by encrypting all.

We developed a volunteer registration system that tracks number of volunteers, their availability, core strengths etc. enabling easy management.

We developed a request system for third parties to send details about desired aid that they wish to receive, with the possibility of sharing and embedding this information publicly, to provide potential donors with the information.

At the click of a button, its possible to extract all information in a well structured report for stake/shareholders.

During our time there we had the chance of meeting a lot of incredible people. Besides impressive Ukrainian volunteers and really engaged organisations, we had the pleasure to meet Trudie Styler (middle of the picture), who is the wife of Sting. They have been long time supporters of Help Ukraine Center. Also in this picture is Marco, on the most lefthand side, a member of the biggest NGO in France “Protection Civile”. He has grown to become a dear friend of Teleport, and was responsible for ordering and managing hundreds of pallets from France to Help Ukraine Center. 

The rest of the people in this picture are volunteers for the Help Ukraine Center. 

Again, another great initiative to have been a part of! 

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