War-Damaged Kyiv State Archives

Fundraising Support Project

After a meeting with the Kyiv regional administration, we have received a formal request in supporting the restoration of historical artifacts.

Lublin Help Ukraine Center

Developing a warehouse management system to provide accurate data, transparency for patrons and raise efficiency.

We got in touch with the Help Ukraine Center, located in Lublin, when the refugee crisis started being containable enough and offered to help them update their processes into more technically-advanced versions in order to make it more efficient and secure.

Chelm Tesco

Establishing a new displacement center from the ground up.

The city of Chelm administrators invited our team to conduct a consultation before opening a new refugee help center starting from zero at the abandoned TESCO supermarket. The center was planned and opened within one week by our IT cooperation with Monday.com.

Przemysl Tesco

Birthplace of Teleport.

The city of Przemyƛl opened the emergency refugee help center at the abandoned TESCO supermarket. During the first days of the war in Ukraine, they needed the support of volunteers to set up the management processes workflow in the shortest time possible. Reducing the load on this center was our main purpose.