Aid Supply

Supporting the development of an advanced system which allows highly efficient and safe aid delivery

After developing previously implemented systems partially or completely ourselves, we decided to partner with AidSupply to help bring their solution to the forefront.

Mikolaiev, 21st & 22nd of August 2022

Photo of Gus, Dima, a family to which we brought water and me in an area close to the Russian positions outside of Mikolaiv

Delivering water to Mikolaiv

In cooperation with Mission Ukraine, WeAreFromUkraine and Road to Ukraine, we managed to deliver around 3500 liters of water all around Mikolaiv.

Kharkiv, 15th & 16th of August 2022

Delivering humanitarian aid to Kharkiv.

As the Quick Reaction branch of Teleport, we helped 2 other organisations achieve their mission of delivering humanitarian aid in the form of consumables to beneficiaries in Kharkiev.

Przemysl Tesco

Birthplace of Teleport.

The city of Przemyśl opened the emergency refugee help center at the abandoned TESCO supermarket. During the first days of the war in Ukraine, they needed the support of volunteers to set up the management processes workflow in the shortest time possible. Reducing the load on this center was our main purpose.